For Literacy this term, Year 6 are enjoying ‘I was there…TITANIC’ by Margi McAllister.

This vivid first person novel is read through the eyes of Daisy, a steerage passenger on her way to a new life in America. On the fateful journey she befriends Jimmy, an adventurous American boy who is travelling First Class. We look forward to seeing how this unlikely friendship develops and how the fateful journey affects their lives. When disaster strikes, can Daisy, Jimmy and their families stay together and survive?

“This is the Titanic!” said Gus. “The unsinkable! Why would you want lifeboats on an unsinkable shop?”


We will be writing a range of genres around the text, including:

  • Descriptive setting
  • Character comparison
  • Non-chronological report
  • Narrative


We will also be keeping a reading journal throughout the story, furthering our questioning and inference skills.


For more information on the most famous disaster at sea, visit:


For an animation about Eva Hart, Titanic: A child survivor’s story, visit: