This term year 4 will be learning and reading the book The Wind in the Willows. The children will be reading each paragraph, developing their vocabulary and subject knowledge.

Big Writes

  1. The children will be making a prediction about the story before the story is read. Emphasis is put on giving evidence for their answers using the front cover of the book.
  2. They will then move on to writing a setting description, this will include looking at features of a setting such as: the characters, where it is set, time of day, using their senses- what can be seen, heard and felt.
  3. The next focus will be to write a character description. The children will be introduced to two characters Mole and Rat. They will be using adjectives, expanded noun phrases and their imaginations to demonstrate their creative writing abilities.
  4. After half term, the children will be writing a diary entry in the role of a character.
  5. Finally, the children will be writing a summary about events based on what has been read to them.


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