It has been a busy start to our new gardening club.
We have looked around our school environment and worked out what we could do to improve it. We talked about how to improve our school grounds.  Suggestions from the children included putting more bins around school for rubbish, encouraging more wild life and what sort of plants might be needed. We also talked about making things out of recycled objects and keeping the place environmentally friendly.
We did our own litter pick and found some interesting things but also lots of things that were bad for the environment.
We have also recorded the sounds outside and were able to use to listen to what different noises birds make so if we went outside and closed our eyes we could still identify what birds we could hear. We used binoculars to watch for birds around the school.  We did a tally chart and sent off the survey to the RSPB- Royal Society for the Protection of Birds. The children received a certificate for showing interest and helping research in our local environment.
We have been also discussed what plants need to grow and planted cress. The children have been given their cress to take home with them and to look after and care for their plants. Instructions were given in how to care for their cress properly and we will bring the cress back into club next Thursday and judge who has done the best job of looking after their plant.